Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Stranger

Who is the woman in black? 
I enquire
There is something so familiar 
I can visualize her smile
Her nose creases at the top
it reaches the very corners of her eyes 
apparent from the lines 
of repetitive expression
Today these eyes seem huge
Slightly wild
almost haunted 
Encircled in dark shadows

Her mouth seems fixed
with full soft lips
appearing to tremble
So sad
I wish she would smile

Now, I am unsure 
Is she familiar?
The woman I know
is younger 
much younger 
and constantly smiled 
I watch as she wrings her hands
An unconscious action 
it seems to comfort
She stares into space
Her skin looks thin
lined and dry 
She brushes her hair back
There is a smattering of grey
this is not the woman I know

I turn away 
break my stare
There was something 
so familiar 
That movement
Her jewellery
A cold hand reaches in
it twists my heart.
I see clearly
The identity of the woman
the one who had intrigued me
That clever interior design 
use of mirrors 
reflecting light 
Everything had confused me.
The woman 
was so familiar
because ....
This woman
is me.

Written/posted Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wilderness chic's Blog.

Have a look at her blog, as the method of delivering the poems is interesting.

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