Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A poem taken from the blog of Sharon Longworth.

Construction - a poem

Starting out was simple,

a joyous thing to do,

you built without concern or care;

the palace of the new.

You laid each brick so carefully,

cementing it in line,

so focused on the task ahead.

Believing it was fine.

The walls grew high around you,

you laboured on within,

each interlocking fragment

an ever thickening skin.

Oblivious to the weather,

to rain or storm-swept sky,

you carried on constructing.

You never wondered why.

You built high, never pausing

on the task that you’d begun,

until the day you realised that

you’d never reach the sun.
Beginning it was easy,

but knowing now is tough;

however high you built those walls

would never be enough

I have recently met the creativity of this writer, and wanted to share with you all some great reading matter. You'll never be alone again.. Sharon's Blog.

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