Wednesday, 22 February 2012


IF THE JOURNEY IS ABOUT DISCOVERNG ME then the path is sometimes too difficult to trail…..
If I see the complete design of the universe,my existence becomes so small,my ego just so ignorable.
Have I been defeated already, or still there are chances of win…….
Everyday seems a mistake all so many times I have been rubbished 'n' mocked

My definitions in life are oh yes quite quirky but…
After with all dats gone by, who sees any silver lining in the clouds still.
If the journey is about me discovering myself,the path becomes so difficult to trail sometimes…

They say I have been my own enemy, yes I'm my best critic I believe
My deficiencies make me so much of myself, how can I part from all that and be

If I make the criterion and  if  I'm the judge ….
Then with the endurance earned and a graceful smile I give myself accolades still.

And then if the journey is all about me…….the path will remain as much difficult to trail..
The design is right and our existences just spread in a small time, I will let myself be…the best I can be…..

A lovely poem by Shabda, a young woman from Delhi India.
See her BLOG.

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