Monday, 13 February 2012

If I'd met you

If I'd met you

My precious nameless angel,
tonight I would be holding you tight,
your tiny fingers linked with mine,
my maternal love radiating bright.

I can picture your face my darling,
your button nose, your smile,
I would give anything to have met you,
to sit and hold you for a while,
to have laid you on my breast,
to protect you from any harm,
to ensure that you were happy,
that you were loved, safe in my arms.

Curly hair with wide hazel eyes,
like a delicate china doll,
losing you that July month,
left my heart taking it's toll.
I know you're in heaven waiting,
and one day I will see,
your beautiful freckled face,
where it'll just be you and me.

I blame myself for your absence,
an eternity of if's, how's and why's,
but I know that your with me daily,
shining down to me from the skies.
I would have given you my last breath,
I would have been your beacon of light,
my baby until I see you again,
I love you, sweet dreams, goodnight.

By Caroline taken from her poetry blog Hello Moon.
Please take a look and enjoy this recent poets work.

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