Monday, 4 November 2013

1 Planet, 3 Worlds.

1 Planet, 3 Worlds.

As the third world stutters and looks up to its idol,
the first simply
stares back and continues to be idle.
Laden with high interest rates
and dreams of equality gone rotten,
they admire the briefcase enclosing their doom,
woven with west African cotton.
Belligerent neocolonialism
has granted the west an economic reign,
as consumerist citizens
of an exploitative nation we are at blame.
We give enough aid
to barely keep them at work,
so we can pay
£2 for a tee shirt.....

1planet, 3 worlds.

We sleep well at night because they're out of sight,
out of mind,
but if we stay this out of touch,
we'll be out of time.
As individuals we could make a huge difference,
if we'd just apply ourselves,
but collectively
we sit back and prefer to lie to ourselves.
There's nothing we can do,
pay our taxes, pay for our wars,
let the 6000 children who will die of thirst today pass,
because they are not yours.
We have all these pounds,
clothes, computers, pieces of society
which help lubricate the cogs of life,
though they still seem dry to me.
We have our designer sunglasses
but it seems we can barely see,
that if we can't be without,
how can we ever truly be.
We're filling up swimming pools
whilst they're dying of thirst,
out of humans and nuclear weapons,
it's the rockets put first.
We've got money for war
but we can't feed the poor.

With ex-colonies struggling to simply survive,
we're still exploiting their product lines,
diamonds, tea, rubber, ivory
I just implore someone to remind me,
when is it acceptable
to let another person die?
How mediated is the scope of perspective
in front of your minds eye?

Just think,
dedicating your life to changing lives
is never wasting your life.
Why should it even be considered out of the ordinary,
simply doing what's right?
We must educate those in impoverished communities,
teach them to fend for themselves,
the value of unity,
allow them to have at least a chance
of political immunity.
Give the children their rightful opportunity,
it really shouldn't be such an oddity,
to actually believe in absolute equality.

So when my time has come,
and I'm lying in my grave,
instead of my name on the tombstone,
there'll be that of those I've saved.

So the sun has set on 3 worlds today,
3 worlds we sustain.
But you could see it rise again,
and bring the light of change.

A young man from Lincoln, 
Known only as:

Saturday, 14 September 2013

May I Love You Like This…

May I Love You Like This…


Like a leaf will flutter in a dancing breeze
touched by a warming sun that shines…
may I love you like this…

like a bird that wants so much to fly
and touch the clearest sky above…
may I love you like this…

like a favorite melody that plays
and strikes a tender cord within…
may I love you like this…

like time is standing still
and all's in a perfect state of bliss…
may I love you like this…

like every moment bears a perfect gift
t'wards a heart open to receive…
may I love you…
like this…

Mandy, February 2008,
Mystic Mandy. com

Monday, 5 November 2012

Love. The Sexual Kind.

Love. The Sexual Kind.

Morning glory,
Yes this is a real story.
I smell your scent,
Warm, lazy and copulent.
From a night of wild,
Crazy passion.
A dance, a play,
We got our end,
Away in the fury of,
Fuzzy feeling and,
Release of gold.
Do you still,
Feel the potion,
Cradle you,
As I release,
My lasting token of desire?

Sweaty and slick,
My pulse is quick,
You suck my,
Ardour into life,
And know,
The fires glow,
A weeping show,
Your golden flow.
Beneath you,
I ride true,
Deep within,
You and then,
When I buck,
You feel my craving,
For you reach the peak,
Nipples I tweak,
Slap hand on cheek,
Skin palpitating and sleek,
Your body flops,
Becoming weak,
So Chic......

An Original poem by Guilhem Du Mas.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Walkers.

The Walkers.
An original poem by Lynn Barnard.
 20120620_144722 (1).jpg

Feet begin trekking towards the crest of the hill,
Friends fondly chatting, new friendships form,
Sunshine peeking through marshmallow clouds,
Morning dew glistening below on the ground.

Boots working, stomping their way up the slope,
Laughter, companionship, new stories told,
Skin being warmed from the fast rising sun,
Fresh as a daisy, folk having fun.

Breath coming fast as they climb to the top,
Sun risen high now, feeling wonderfully hot,
Stopped still in their tracks, a gorgeous meadow below,
Grass swaying gently, almost saying hello.

Five poppies swaying beside the stone wall,
Sheer crimson petals on green stems so tall,
Walkers march past, searching adventures ahead,
Behind are the poppies, left to honour our dead.

This is a really good first poem, by any standard. I loved it and knowing Lynn makes it seem so much more alive. Well done and keep em coming.... x

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Life in the fast lane.

Life in the fast lane.
A poem by Dazed, Ben Dlugokecki.

When I woke up this morning,
I had a sausage sandwich.
I fancied a coffee,
But the sandwich was all I could manage.

I called up BOYD,
But he was still in his slumber.
Three hours later
We were bumper to bumper.

So let's not race to the ending,
Let's not be so rash.
I'll tell you the tale
Of our mad crash...

Rewind, back to Boyd's house,
We loaded the car.
We set off on our journey
To Leicester---shire..

Bags full of sausages,
Jelly and sweets.
Set for the journey,
With our tasty treats.

Straight up the M3,
Then M25.
It was on the M40,
Where we nearly died.

We were rocking it out,
To Boyd's I tunes.
In a few moments later,
We were running from fumes.

We then, rear-ended a chap,
Who didn't seem to mind.
As we stoved my Ford focus,
Into his behind.

He braked real quick,
We drove into the back.
He was a good looking chap,
Called Jack.??

We called up the AA,
And the RAC.
Little did we know,
What a chore this would be.

Or would it be free?
What will be,
Our relay fee?

The bonnet looked like,
A total wreck.
Imagine Aiden's face,
If he looked like Shrek.

At least it was sunny,
Not a bit rainy.
While Boyd had a chat,
With the AA trainee.

We called up a superman,
In the name of BOB.
Are you busy today,
Do you fancy a job?

Could you get the band,
All the way to Leicester?
We've had such a day,
It will certainly test you....

So here we are,
Happy to be alive.
Looks like we'll,
Make it by 5.

Here's to a good gig,
I hear it's a sell out.
Shame about the money,
We've had to shell out.

The route to the venue,
The Sat Nav has shown us.
Oh what a shame,
I've lost my no claims bonus......

Ben, Boyd, Aiden.

As read by Ben Dlugokecki

I hope you enjoy the tribute, as did all who saw the Gig at, The George Ward Center,
Barwell, Leics. 6/4/2012

Friday, 6 April 2012

I'd Like a Little Flashlight

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'd Like a Little Flashlight

and I'd like to get naked and into bed and be hot radiating heat from the inside these sweaters and fleeceys do nothing to keep out the out or keep my vitals in—some drafty body I've got leaking in and out in all directions I'd like to get naked into bed but hot on this early winter afternoon already dusky grim and not think of all the ways I've gone about the world and shown myself a fool, shame poking holes in my thinned carapace practically lacy and woefully feminine I'd like to get naked into bed and feel if not hot then weightless as I once was in the sensory deprivation tank in Madison, Wisconsin circa 1992 I paid money for that perfectly body-temperatured silent pitch dark tank to do what? play dead and not die? that was before email before children before I knew anything more than the deaths of a few loved ones which were poisoned nuts of swallowed grief but nothing of life of life giving which cuts open the self bursting busted unsolvable I'd like to get naked! into the bed of my life but hot hot my little flicker-self trumped up somehow blind and deaf to all the dampening misery of my friends' woe-oh-ohs and I'd like a little flashlight to write poems with this lousy day not this poem I'm writing under the mostly flat blaze of bulb but a poem written with the light itself a tiny fleeting love poem to life hot hot hot a poem that would say "oh look here a bright spot of life, oh look another!"

Rachel Zucker

Madness By Chance

It was not by chance 
you walked into my life
Took my heart 
and changed my life
Such sweet tingling 
the brushing of lips
a soft 
yet desperate 
stolen kiss
One that rocks your body
to the core
melting you 
into one 
leaving you 
wanting more

Frantic texting
back and forth
Revealing secrets 
gaining trust 
Oh how my heart
when you tell me that it's 
When really I know  
.....its just lust

Never underestimate 
the hypnotic power of
a passionate embrace

Supreme energy 
A smile that lights 
from the inside out
This if becoming 
difficult to hide
Feelings so strong 
surely this cannot be so 
wrong ...
forgetting that you 
have a wife
Flames this strong 
burn too fast
all too soon our time
has past
Cant sleep
wont eat
You hide from me
My hurt has become
I know that you’re lying 
yet convince myself
.. you’re not
 It’s an all consuming
Can't believe who I have become
for you
for your car
for your light
that your home
your wall 
your pictures
for signs
that all is not lost
That we’ll be together
no matter
the cost
Inner self knows
Its time 
to break free
to let go
Time to forget 
that something
which now 
I'm not sure
that we did 
or did not share
to rejoin my life
to take back control
to stop stalking your wife
to say goodbye
to press delete
This I know but I need
..... just one last peep

Take a look please @Wildernesschic poetry.