Monday, 4 November 2013

1 Planet, 3 Worlds.

1 Planet, 3 Worlds.

As the third world stutters and looks up to its idol,
the first simply
stares back and continues to be idle.
Laden with high interest rates
and dreams of equality gone rotten,
they admire the briefcase enclosing their doom,
woven with west African cotton.
Belligerent neocolonialism
has granted the west an economic reign,
as consumerist citizens
of an exploitative nation we are at blame.
We give enough aid
to barely keep them at work,
so we can pay
£2 for a tee shirt.....

1planet, 3 worlds.

We sleep well at night because they're out of sight,
out of mind,
but if we stay this out of touch,
we'll be out of time.
As individuals we could make a huge difference,
if we'd just apply ourselves,
but collectively
we sit back and prefer to lie to ourselves.
There's nothing we can do,
pay our taxes, pay for our wars,
let the 6000 children who will die of thirst today pass,
because they are not yours.
We have all these pounds,
clothes, computers, pieces of society
which help lubricate the cogs of life,
though they still seem dry to me.
We have our designer sunglasses
but it seems we can barely see,
that if we can't be without,
how can we ever truly be.
We're filling up swimming pools
whilst they're dying of thirst,
out of humans and nuclear weapons,
it's the rockets put first.
We've got money for war
but we can't feed the poor.

With ex-colonies struggling to simply survive,
we're still exploiting their product lines,
diamonds, tea, rubber, ivory
I just implore someone to remind me,
when is it acceptable
to let another person die?
How mediated is the scope of perspective
in front of your minds eye?

Just think,
dedicating your life to changing lives
is never wasting your life.
Why should it even be considered out of the ordinary,
simply doing what's right?
We must educate those in impoverished communities,
teach them to fend for themselves,
the value of unity,
allow them to have at least a chance
of political immunity.
Give the children their rightful opportunity,
it really shouldn't be such an oddity,
to actually believe in absolute equality.

So when my time has come,
and I'm lying in my grave,
instead of my name on the tombstone,
there'll be that of those I've saved.

So the sun has set on 3 worlds today,
3 worlds we sustain.
But you could see it rise again,
and bring the light of change.

A young man from Lincoln, 
Known only as:

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