Saturday, 7 April 2012

Life in the fast lane.

Life in the fast lane.
A poem by Dazed, Ben Dlugokecki.

When I woke up this morning,
I had a sausage sandwich.
I fancied a coffee,
But the sandwich was all I could manage.

I called up BOYD,
But he was still in his slumber.
Three hours later
We were bumper to bumper.

So let's not race to the ending,
Let's not be so rash.
I'll tell you the tale
Of our mad crash...

Rewind, back to Boyd's house,
We loaded the car.
We set off on our journey
To Leicester---shire..

Bags full of sausages,
Jelly and sweets.
Set for the journey,
With our tasty treats.

Straight up the M3,
Then M25.
It was on the M40,
Where we nearly died.

We were rocking it out,
To Boyd's I tunes.
In a few moments later,
We were running from fumes.

We then, rear-ended a chap,
Who didn't seem to mind.
As we stoved my Ford focus,
Into his behind.

He braked real quick,
We drove into the back.
He was a good looking chap,
Called Jack.??

We called up the AA,
And the RAC.
Little did we know,
What a chore this would be.

Or would it be free?
What will be,
Our relay fee?

The bonnet looked like,
A total wreck.
Imagine Aiden's face,
If he looked like Shrek.

At least it was sunny,
Not a bit rainy.
While Boyd had a chat,
With the AA trainee.

We called up a superman,
In the name of BOB.
Are you busy today,
Do you fancy a job?

Could you get the band,
All the way to Leicester?
We've had such a day,
It will certainly test you....

So here we are,
Happy to be alive.
Looks like we'll,
Make it by 5.

Here's to a good gig,
I hear it's a sell out.
Shame about the money,
We've had to shell out.

The route to the venue,
The Sat Nav has shown us.
Oh what a shame,
I've lost my no claims bonus......

Ben, Boyd, Aiden.

As read by Ben Dlugokecki

I hope you enjoy the tribute, as did all who saw the Gig at, The George Ward Center,
Barwell, Leics. 6/4/2012

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